Aquiring two new companies, our client was aware of the risk for a culture clash and decided to avert it by making company culture a fundamental part of the company’s integration program.



Our client – one of the world's largest staffing companies, with approximately 5 000 offices, operating in 39 countries – acquired two new companies in 2016. Their goal was to become number one in their field in the Swedish and Nordic market. To avoid a culture clash, the management team wanted to include culture as an important element in the company's change management program. This decision would prove to be one of the biggest success factors of the integration.



Given our long-lasting relationship, Influence People was asked to lead the cultural integration between the companies. This was done within the framework of the overall integration program. The initiative included all employees, managers and management teams in Sweden and Norway.



With the aim of strengthening motivation, commitment, and culture within the new
organization, a cultural integration program was developed and implemented. The program was divided into four phases and contained both structural and personnel components. In addition, the program aimed to create sustainable collective intelligence throughout the company. In parallel, training was conducted in Business Concept adapted to each business.



The value and the impact of the program, were foremost seen in four main areas:

  • Increased level of consensus in the various management groups regarding the current situation, challenges, and direction.
  • Increased understanding of the role of management and managers in creating an effective integration.
  • Increased degree of understanding, motivation, and engagement across the organization.
  • Reinforced networks throughout the new organization.

The results from the program were considered very successful. Two years later, our client took number one position on the Swedish market.

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