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22 November, 2022
Learning & Development
Organizational Culture

Learning as an asset for surviving and flourishing in a changing world

To create a learning organization To be, or not to be… able to quickly adapt to new conditions and requirements. New market players, implementation of new ERP systems or new hybrid work arrangements are just a few examples of conditions in our external...
21 October, 2022

An Increased Need for Structured Leadership

Everything is different, but nothing has changed? Since the start of the pandemic, many leaders have experienced that their perceptions and ideas about their own leadership have been challenged or changed. Some leaders, however, have experienced that e...
The Collaborative Network
31 May, 2022
Organizational Culture
Sustainable Culture

Organizational Culture is Still the Winning Factor!

We have all been told lately that our workplace, as we known it, has been changed forever. However, we believe that it is not the changes themselves that pose the greatest threat to your organizational culture, but the risk that you will continue to act...
We focus on the people dimension in intelligent organizations, sustainable culture, and HR strategy.
17 March, 2022
Organizational Culture
Sustainable Culture

New Conditions for Creating Sustainable Culture

Peter Charbachi
How can we create sustainable organizational culture given the new conditions that we are adapting to? Dive into the topic together with us!  Hybrid working and organizational culture Organizational culture can be defined as the total sum of behaviors,...
17 March, 2022
Employee Experience
Sustainable Culture

Shaping Employee Experience

Peter Charbachi
The post-pandemic time we find ourselves in has given us a great opportunity to recreate the Employee Experience in our organizations. Continute reading this insight and learn about Employee Experience and some concrete tips on how to approach it!  We l...
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Future of HR

The conditions around us are constantly changing. What demands and needs does this create for a more innovative HR function?

On the 28th of October, Ammy Källström and Patrik Erickson together with our guests Lisa Skinner Källström (Teamtailor) and Lii Lignell (Benify) discussed and shared their experiences regarding how the HR function can meet these demands and contribute with effect in organizations! 

Did you miss this great event? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take part of the recording below. Enjoy! 




New conditions for creating sustainable organizational culture

On 24th of May, Barbara Carreno, Patrik Erickson and Stefan Söderfjäll shared their experience on how new conditions in our environment provide opportunities for us to create sustainable organizational culture.

Did you miss this great event? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take part of the recording below. 




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