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We develope ways of leadership and employee engagement

What we do

We focus on the people dimension in everything we do. We are
management consultants specialized in intelligent organizations,
sustainable culture, people strategies and people functions. We
transform and enhance organizational strength – always with
people right and center.

We believe in
people’s potential
and knowledge sharing...

We live in a rapidly changing world. Our reality
creates new and ever changing demands, to which
today's organizations need to adapt. We are your
strategic partner in an ever changing world.

...and diverse and
inclusive organisations.

We believe that diversity distinguish great companies. Diversity of thought and approach to daily challenges at work, boosts creativity and innovation. Lack of diversity and inclusions weakens discussions and narrows the span of imaginable solutions.


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Our expertise

We develop collective intelligent organizations


Culture fundamentally shapes how we do things in an organization and organizations with strong cultures outperform the rest. Culture is, after all, how we direct our focus, structure our tasks, relate to each other and respond to change. We have extensive experience helping organizations articulate, stimulate, and sustain the specific cultural traits and qualities critical for success. We excel in these key areas, including: 

  • Analysis of how the culture supports or hinders the strategy.
  • Formulate and implement the desired culture.
  • Support the change of the cultural elements identified as hindering.

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Sustainable Performance

For organizations to maintain competitiveness and achieve their goals, they must ensure sustainable individual performance over time.We facilitate the identification of enablers and the implementation of key activities to foster a sustainable high-performing organization in the long term, integrating well-being considerations (mental, physical, and social) across the organization. While certain aspects of well-being are within the purview of individuals themselves, organizations can establish conditions and environments that nurture and promote well-being, across key areas:

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Governance & Structure
  • Learning & Development
  • Working Methods and Collaboration Skills
  • Supportive Environment for Well-being

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Barbara Carreno
Patrik Erickson

Collaboration & Management team development

To be successful in our complex and dependent world, organizations and teams need to be able to manage, share and integrate information and knowledge. New opportunities generate new possibilities to continuously develop, adapt and streamline their way of working. At Influence People we have developed an effective, research-based framework for systematically ensuring and continuously developing the ability to collaborate in organizations. This results, among other things, in:

  • Development of strategies for intelligent and effective collaboration
  • Assessment and analysis of collaboration in teams and between teams.
  • Development of a management teams’ ability to collaborate and perform.
  • Ensure intelligent collaboration to increase organizational performance

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Digital Collaboration

The success of the modern organization relies on its ability to, through digital collaboration, harness creativity and continuously leveraging the collective intelligence of colleagues, clients, and partners. The combination of digital collaboration tools, artificial intelligence and new working methods provides innovative ways to lead, organize, and perform work. We can thereby collaborate in a flexible, engaging and sustainable way. Among many other things, we excel at: 

  • Advice and coach in digital collaboration maturity and capabilities
  • Create digital collaboration strategies and employee experiences
  • Outline new digital guidelines and ways of working
  • Select and specify requirements for digital platforms and workplaces

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Patrik Erickson

Leadership development

The demands on managers and leaders have increased. The complex context in which managers and leaders operate places completely different demands on what they need to succeed. We see enormous opportunities to modernize and individualized leadership that is adapted in step with the adjustment of the strategic orientation. To enable managers and leaders to execute on the organization´s strategy we help our clients in:

  • Designing and conducting leadership development initiatives.
  • Identifying strengths and growth potential on organizational and individual level.
  • Support and facilitate activities to transform managers and leaders.
  • Develop processes and progress for continuous improvement.

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Learning & Development

For organizations to be sustainable, resilient and achieve their goals, continuous skills development and learning is a critical success factor. Organizations also need leaders and employees who are constantly developing themselves, both in accordance with the market and to gain market share. To ensure relevant learning and create continuous competence development, organizations first need to understand what is relevant to them. Based on your needs, we:

  • Assess organizations maturity and current state of learning strategy.
  • Formulate strategies to gain needed capabilities.
  • Create learning tracks and structures for learning.

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Sanna Feldt

Diversity & Inclusion

Understanding how formal and informal structures limit employees, will empower and enhance organizations’ possibility to support employees in their performance. Diversity and Inclusion as a service area sustains organizations and leaders to expand their business and increase their market relevance. We support organizations and leaders in all phases of their change journey towards enhanced diversity and inclusion. Our capabilities encompass a wide range of areas, such as:

  • Defining how DEI impact business result.
  • Reveal how invisible structures affect employee conditions.
  • Identifying strategic actions to leverage your organization.

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People Strategy

A People Strategy clarifies how the business strategy will be achieved by the employees, based on the business overall goals, vision, and strategy. It´s a tool to ensure the organization is on the path, and accelerate, towards the business strategy and goals. In a People Strategy, the necessary capabilities and activities are strategically integrated to ensure a long-term focus towards the company's strategic vision. We can consult in: 

  • Translate and analyze corporate strategy into focus areas for development.
  • Clarify and implement a people roadmap including activities, 
  • How business units can contribute to the overall People Strategy including focus areas.

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Nathalie Berthelius_Influence People
Christian Ward

HR Transformation

Our HR Transformation services encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support HR teams through challenging transformations and multifaceted projects. Our tailored approach ensures that HR initiatives are strategically aligned with business objectives.

  • Strategic HR: We partner with organizations to assess current HR practices, identify areas for improvement, give strategic guidance and develop tailored strategies to drive effectiveness.
  • Upgrading the HR function: HR Transformation necessitates a shift in HR functions from administrative tasks to focusing on employee experience and engagement. We transform the role of HR from a cost center to a strategic partner.
  • Design and implementation of people-centric initiatives to drive organizational goals.

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People & Business centered change

Change management unleashes the full capacity of organizations and employees to consistently deliver results in a dynamic environment. With many years of experience we know that successful change occurs when managers and employees personally commit to the change, rather than treating it as an isolated event. Change management must be result-oriented and aligned with the organization’s strategies. We can advise you with:

  • In-depth analysis of your organization’s conditions, capacity, and potential to design change work.
  • Lead strategic and operational change to support managers’ and management’s change journey.
  • Project-driven change management to accelerate and ensure comprehensive implementations, from IT to cultural transformations.

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Cecilia_Influence People

Organizational design

Organizational design structures your organization, sets governance, and creates conditions to achieve shared objectives, aligning daily work with strategic goals. Adapting and re-structuring organizational design is essential due to strategic shifts, growth, downsizing, digitalization, and cultural changes. We empower organizations to adapt effectively and create value, by balancing both people and performance to strengthen competitiveness. We specialize in:

  • Optimizing organizational design, governance, and workflows to enhance value.
  • Supporting the design and implementation of new organizational structures and governance.
  • Integrating new business units and supporting change management while maintaining a holistic view and overall value.

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Our cases


16 October, 2023
Intelligent Organizations

En förändringsresa som inspirerar

”Med tålamod och uthållighet når vi långt”  Som VD för Söderenergi arbetade Karin Medin målmedvetet för att utveckla ledarskap, kultur och samarbete i hela organisationen. Förutom tydliga resultat har hon fått erfarenheter som kommer väl till pass när...
19 April, 2022
Intelligent Organizations

Collective Intelligence

Fredrika Appelgren
In line with our vision of contributing to a sustainable society as well as sustainable work places, this mindful and longterm initiative develops culture, leadership and collaboration. Using the CIBoost app and toolkit, Influence People gave every team...
19 April, 2022
Future of HR

HR Strategy

Fredrika Appelgren
The customer turned the challenge of outdated systems and manual processes into an opportunity to make HR an integral part of the business. The purpose of the project was to help the customer develop an HR strategy to make the Human Resorces an integrat...
19 April, 2022
Intelligent Organizations

Leadership Training

Fredrika Appelgren
To adapt to the rapid changes of retail, our client realized they needed to redesign the organization to keep up with the competition. A ledarship program was developed, resulting in a more engaged workforce and better collaboration between units. Our c...
19 April, 2022
Sustainable Culture

Leadership Development

Fredrika Appelgren
When our client struggled with executing their business strategy, a leadership program was tailored to streamline the leadership within the organization and boost performance. The management team wanted to support their employees by providing an environ...
19 April, 2022
Sustainable Culture

Cultural Integration in M&A

Fredrika Appelgren
Aquiring two new companies, our client was aware of the risk for a culture clash and decided to avert it by making company culture a fundamental part of the company’s integration program. To avoid a culture clash, the management team wanted to include c...

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