Leadership, HR Strategy and Effective Collaboration with Influence People
We develope ways of leadership and employee engagement

What we do

We focus on the people dimension in everything we do. We are
management consultants specialized in intelligent organizations,
sustainable culture, people strategies and people functions. We
transform and enhance organizational strength – always with
people right and center.


There is always more to explore!

We believe in
people’s potential
and knowledge sharing...

We live in a rapidly changing world. Our reality
creates new and ever changing demands, to which
today's organizations need to adapt. We are your
strategic partner in an ever changing world.

...and diverse and
inclusive organisations.

We believe that diversity distinguish great companies. Diversity of thought and approach to daily challenges at work, boosts creativity and innovation. Lack of diversity and inclusions weakens discussions and narrows the span of imaginable solutions.

We generate value and manage the countless
challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Helping organizations define their strategy

Future of HR

We support organizations in defining People strategic
vision and contribution, as well as defining,
prioritizing, planning, and developing critical HR

The process often involves transformative projects
where we help developing systems, organizational
structures, data & analytics, culture and leadership.

  • People Strategy
  • HR Transformation
  • People Analytics

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Sustainable Culture

We help our clients develop a culture that supports
the organization in achieving its long-term goals.

We develope ways of working, leadership,
collaboration, knowledge sharing, employee
engagement, and organizational structures – to create environments where people
can thrive.

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Learning

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We bring out the best in people within an organization like leadership and a sustainable culture
Team development

Intelligent Organizations

We teach organizations to solve their business challenges with the help of intelligent action.

This way of working requires new organizational
structures and processes, as well as development of
formal and informal microsystems.

  • The Collaborative Network
  • Effective Collaboration
  • CIBoost & Tools

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