Team development
We develop collective intelligent organizations

Intelligent organizations

We develop collective intelligent organizations, increasing
knowledge sharing, innovation and effective collaboration.


Designing and developing intelligent organizations

The Collaborative Network

The Collaborative
Network – building
collaborative abilities
and unleashing people’s

Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration
– realized in
management teams and
other functions within
the organization

CIBoost and Tools

CIBoost and Tools
helping the Collective
Intelligent organization
succeed and reach
long-term goals.

We create long-lasting
effects by developing
collective intelligent

To succeed today, organizations must learn to
effectively merge internal and external expertise.
There is a need for new ways of designing
organizations, but also new forms of leadership and
cross-functional processes.
Our service ”Intelligent Organizations” aims to
transform organizations and teach them to solve their
business challenges with intelligent action.

Collective Intelligence

The skill of sharing and integrating knowledge within teams, and to gain leverage of all group members, can be referred to as Collective Intelligence. It is a research-based approach with the aim of achieving commonly defined goals. We believe Collective Intelligence is a crucial tool and method in the process of unleashing people potential.

So how can organizations work systematically to support the everyday knowledge integration – and Collective Intelligence created – by people working together? Capabilities define intelligent teams, and for a team to be effective, it must develop its capacity to create both effective task processes and social processes. These are also the challenges that the CI-model addresses. And through proper and structured training any group can improve their collective intelligence

More about the research

We create long-lasting effects by developing collective intelligent organizations

CIBoost – a tool that
will revolutionize
team performance!

Built on a methodology proven to increase
performance by up to 100%.

CIBoost was built based on research on Collective
Intelligence and Debriefs. The tool is designed to
improve team efficiency and create high-performing
teams. Research results show that team performance
can be improved by 22% with the help of a digital tool
– in only eight weeks.

To CIBoost


Look ahead

By developing all aspects of the people dimension we can define and create the future.

Always more to explore

People are never static,and neither should you be.

Effects for the long haul

There is great unexpected and sustainable value in your organization.

Unleash the potential

We know that the complexity is real. And we know how to unleash the people potential.

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