We bring out the best in people within an organization like leadership and a sustainable culture
Clara Voss

Sustainable Culture

We create engaging environments where people with the right skills, attitudes and ways of working drive unexpected success.


Creating engaging environments, attitudes and methods


Culture – stimulating and sustaining specific behaviors and attitudes that drive desired business results.


Leadership – developing leaders who unleash people's potential and effectively focus the organization's attention on the most important things.


Learning – creating passionate learning that drives organizations' longterm success in a changing business environment.

Organizational culture is the words and actions

Organizational culture is the words, actions, and thoughts that define what is valued within an organization.
It is everything we say and do, and builds the culture and the effect.

We know what leaders need to know about culture to succeed

The key to success lies not only in new technology, but also in the right mindset. A shift in mindset can help organizations explore new opportunities and their very own transformation journey.

Organizational culture

Behaviors build company culture

A company cannot achieve its goal and fulfill its mission unless there is a clear consensus on how to reach set targets. From our perspective, it all comes down to day-to day behaviors that in turn build company culture. Therefore, how leaders choose to enforce and prioritize behaviors is key to building organizational success.

Let us help you build sustainable culture

Our Sustainable Culture experts address the leader dimension as well as the organizational. We use our interdisciplinary knowledge to assess culture, develop
leadership, and improve corporate and team culture – to increase motivation and ensure the business and its strategic direction is heading the right way.

We unleash peoples potential

Learn more about our services within
Sustainable Culture 



Hardly a secret. Organizations with strong cultures outperform the rest. Culture is, after all, how we think about our circumstances, direct our focus, structure our tasks, relate to each other, respond to change, etc. In short, culture is a causal force that fundamentally shapes how we do things in an organization. Having the right culture is therefore one of the few sources of truly sustainable competitive advantage that still exists in today's transformative economy, where strategies are often replicated overnight.

We have extensive experience in helping organizations articulate, stimulate, and sustain the specific cultural traits and qualities that are critical for success in the environment in which they operate.

Typical services we offer our customers within Culture



  • Culture Assessment
    Understand how well your culture supports your strategy and what cultural elements work against it
  • Culture Transformation
    Perform a more comprehensive change of your culture to support accelerated strategy execution
  • Culture Change
    Change specific cultural elements identified as particularly challenging
  • Culture Merger
    Create a common strong culture when two organizations are integrated into one
  • Growth Culture Adaptation
    Address the cultural challenges that arise when organizations go from small to large
  • Macro Culture Bridging
    Improve collaboration between employees from different macrocultures (e.g., countries, occupations, etc.).


Leadership - a concept with a wide range of definitions, which can make it difficult to grasp. Even so, leadership is agreed to be a staple for organizational success, employee well-being and building a strong culture. 

We see leadership as a social and interactive process between leader and employee that helps unleash potential in each other. By approaching leadership training and development as context bound and reaching the different dimensions of leadership (leading organization, leading groups, leading individuals, and self-leadership), we make sure that leaders can focus on creating an environment of efficiency, psychological safety, confidence and a positive working climate within the organization. 

With our comprehensive knowledge, based on current research and extensive experience in the field of leadership, we provide organizations with tools to transform, develop and maintain efficient and successful leadership throughout entire organizations.


Typical services we offer our customers within Leadership



  • Leadership Assessment
    We analyze the current state of the organization’s leadership and assess strengths and development needs of leaders to help reach set goals

  • Leadership Development
    We provide training and learning experiences to help leaders acquire skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their leadership abilities

  • Leadership Transformation
    We provide guidance, support and training specific to leaders as they navigate the challenges of leading their organizations through complex transformations and times of change

  • Coaching for Individual Leaders
    One-on-one coaching and support to help leaders overcome their challenges, reach their goals, and maximize their potential


Learning & Development

In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations must constantly adapt and evolve in order to stay competitive. One of the key ways they can do this is by investing in the learning and development of their employeess.

Effective learning & development strategies are essential for organizations. It helps foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging employees to continually improve and grow. Not only is this beneficial for the organization, but also for the employees. Investing in learning and development can help organizations both attract and retain top talent, as employees are increasingly looking for opportunities to grow and develop.

We adopt a holistic approach to L&D, recognizing that employees learn and grow through a variety of experiences, both formal and informal. Our L&D initiatives are always designed to be aligned with your business goals and objectives, and to address the specific needs of the employees. Our approach to L&D is centered on empowering employees to achieve their full potential and to contribute to the success of the organization.

Typical services we offer our customers within Leaarning & Development



  • L&D Assesment
    Assessment of the organization's maturity and current state regarding learning strategy, competency assessment processes, learning, reskilling, upskilling, etc. Gaps between the current state and the desired state to achieve a learning organization/system are also typically included

  • Learning Journeys
    Developing a learning journey with the user/employee as the main focus, and where the employees are involved in creating their own learning

  • Learning Culture
    To create a strong culture characterized by innovation and an open-minded environment where people bring new ideas and explore alternatives

  • Leader & Employee Training Programs
    Design and delivery of organization-wide training programs aimed at increasing knowledge in a specific area that is strategically important to reach obectives and goals

  • L&D Strategy
    To formulate a strategy for an organization whose ambition is to create sustainable and results-oriented learning. The L&D strategy is based on the business plan and strategic goals

  • L&D Function 
    Structure, roles, responsibilities, and process-oriented ownership of learning in an organization

Look ahead

By developing all aspects of the people dimension we can define and create the future.

Always more to explore

People are never static,and neither should you be.

Effects for the long haul

There is great unexpected and sustainable value in your organization.

Unleash the potential

We know that the complexity is real. And we know how to unleash the people potential.

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