In line with our vision of contributing to a sustainable society as well as sustainable work places, this mindful and longterm initiative develops culture, leadership and collaboration. Using the CIBoost app and toolkit, Influence People gave every team at the energy company a boost of collective intelligence.



As part of a larger, conscious and longterm aim of developing culture, leadership and employeeship, the energy company decided to improve the organization’s collaborational apt by applying CIBoost on all teams – from c-suite to shift-teams.



There was a need for a strengthening of the company culture in line with the updated employee criterias, as well as for an enabling of teams to actively take responsibility for improving their collaborational apt. The challenges were found all through the organization, and all employees needed engaging.



Influence People held digital leader days, where all managers and supervisors were trained in collective intelligence and introduced to the CIBoost digital tool. CIBoost was implemented in all 27 teams during the spring of 2021. A joint follow-up and reflection on the outcome was carried out during the company-days in the fall 0f 2021, where all 150 employees participated.



The program made a significant impact on the following areas:

  • CIBoost was well met throughout the organisation.
  • During the follow-up, the workforce described the working environment as ”the collaboration is getting stronger and stronger”.
  • Managers are now demanding follow-ups and want to continue working with CIBoost support while improving their team output and collaboration.

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