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When our client struggled with executing their business strategy, a leadership program was tailored to streamline the leadership within the organization and boost performance.



Our client was struggling to reach their goals and sensed a lack of ability to execute their ambitious strategy. The management team wanted to support their employees by providing an environment where they could thrive, and thereby boost organizational strength to increase performance. To do so, a targeted effort towards all leaders in the organization was initiated.



Influence People was given the opportunity to tailor and run a leadership program with the goal to clarify and streamline the leadership within the organization. The program aimed to address all management teams, managers and leaders in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Poland.



Through the program, a common platform for leadership training was developed. The platform contained various learning and development modules which addresses both structural, cultural, and personal components. In addition, personality tests and individual coaching before the training modules were carried out. This was done at each site in the four countries the company operates in.



The program was considered very successful by both the participating leaders as well as the management team. Some of the impactful effects achieved with the program were:

  • Increased ability to execute the company’s strategy.
  • Improved and more sustainable culture.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Strong, efficient, and confident leaders.

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