Get to know Clara Voss who participated in our graduate program 2019 and is now a consultant focusing on transforming HR!

Quick facts about Clara


  • Education: MSc in Strategy, Organization & Leadership - Copenhagen Business School. BSc in Business Administration - Lund University 

  • Current Position: Management Consultant, Team Future of HR

  • Participated in the graduate program: 2019

  • Passion: To make intangible aspects of the people dimension tangible, by gathering and analyzing data

  • Enjoys: Outdoor activities and baking three-layered cakes

Connect with me

Clara Voss

Clara, can you tell us what you do?

I work in a large program, where we introduce several new business systems and create a modern workplace with new ways of working as well as better conditions for employees. I lead and coordinate tasks within change management, and I'm involved in designing and implementing new ways of working.

How does a regular week look like for you?

There are some recurring tasks and forums, such as project meetings and forums where we discuss cross-project issues. Apart from that, the working weeks vary from one to another. However, what's common for most tasks is the continous collaboration with other people in the program. In a large program, it is not only necessary to exchange knowledge, but also to align plans and identify dependencies.

Can you share a memory from Influence People which you think represent our culture? 

We were at a conference together and later in the evening we wanted to round off the day with some dancing. We had trouble getting the music started, so we jumpstarted the dance to the tunes of our own voices. It was fun, but more importantly it was easy to be oneself in the company of warm, caring and easygoing colleagues. 

Why start your career in our graduate program?

The graduate program offers a neat transition from your studies to  work life. The program includes challenges and development, but also warmth and security. In addition, the program has been running for several years and is prioritized by companies in the alliance. This means that many of our competent colleagues are happy to get involved in the program and the participants' development. 

That I participated in the graduate program has played an important part in why I thrive with colleagues, Influence People and Newground Alliance!


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